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Today, the Eagan Rainbow refused to double my coupons when I tried this (and I only had one transaction today).Shop double coupons every Wednesday and Saturday with your Fresh Perks Rewards Card.I know the rules say that I am not to use coupons on b1g1, but I have presented the coupon, and have (1 time) even gotten the coupon doubled.It sounds like there policy is saying on buy one get one free items that you can only use one coupon because you are only paying for one.The manager came over and approved it because it is a manufacturer coupon.Also, for price cap, if there is an item marked down til December, and I purchase it, but also use my coupon, does it give me the full discount.

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The reason they scan your license is just to fill out the info for the card application, instead of manually inputting your name and address.

That means that if you give them a coupon for.75 it will be doubled to 1.50. And that is only if the product is 1.50 or more.I have used a manufacturer coupon with a Target logo as well at Rainbow and the cashier questioned it.Get directions, reviews and information for Pick N Save in Fort Atkinson, WI.No where on the coupon does it say you can only use it at that particular store.I have heard that if a coupon expires within the week, you might be able to get it by, but I have never been able to make that work.

So, anything you need to get for the week counts toward that 25.However, the registers are currently programmed (as of March 18, 2010) to double coupons when the.My Pick n Save so far is still working the way it did before.I believe the coupon did not double because the coupon was for two and the register only read one.

P.S. I got an email response from Rainbow last year regarding their policy on this.I tried to use a coupon at Rainbow that was from the Sunday Cub insert.

I usually do about 3 orders and then go back again and do another 3, saving my cold stuff for the last orders.I will say that according to the paper ad I seen for Rainbow in MN is that they will double ( Wednesday and Saturday only until the end of July) the first 10 coupons but you need to spend 20.00.When I asked about expired, the clerk told me that they do not accept any expired coupons, but one of the people that posted an answer here stated that if it expired in the middle of the week, that some clerks take them if they are presented by the end of the week.If anyone knows how to find out about these special double coupon days I would love to know.

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The rainchecks are only good for two weeks, and a lot of times I have had it to where the product still is not on the shelf.AND Rainbow only double up to FIVE coupons on those two days. (And I was told that they will double the first five that you hand to them, so make sure they are the ones with the most value) BUT you can give them a whole bunch more coupons, but only five will be doubled.Once I even had three because I was buying for my church as well but was paying for that with a different account.Even thou I pointed out that it says Manufacture coupon at the top.

Always check your receipt before leaving Rainbow Foods to make sure that all of your eligible coupons did indeed double.I would prefer to shop elsewhere than leave upset every time I shop.If you take the time to read through all of these posts you will find out a lot of info about how to redeem coupons to the max and haul a lot of stuff home for a lot less than any other store.Double coupon days are starting again at Pick N Save next Wednesday.Can anyone give me the low down on whether it makes a difference if you give the cashier your roundys card before or after they have rung up your items.

I saw a thing on tv this week that some of you might find interesting.Once when I had the Pick n Save ad that was mailed to me had a sale item in it — they told me it did not ring up on sale because the ad I had in my hands was for the Milwaukee stores, and they are a Racine store (Racine County).I have used the gas benefit a couple of times, but you have to go into the gas station to make sure that the attendant knows how to give the discount.Is Rainbow cracking down on the number of transactions per person.

I was told that the cashier is supposed to double the first five.Cub in Cambridge,MN (where I shop) will accept coupons up to two months past the expiration date.I figured when the cashier scanned my license in order to give me my card, that was they way they would limit the amount of times shoppers could take advantage of the double coupon days.It is not easy to add things up in your head, especially when you have a seven-month-old distracting you.The cashier started scanning coupons before she got back, and because the cereal special didnt calculate yet, the shelf price reflected the requirement, needless to say I had her run them back and didnt buy the exta.

Could you please be much more specific as far as what happened.It is the coupon book they mail out but also have copies at the store, the one I had expired Wednesday October 26, the coupon books usually run about 2 weeks.Ultimately the store and the store manager has the option of accepting or denying any coupon.I go every week to the St, Paul Rainbow on University and do multiple transactions with their patient cashiers.Shorewood, WI - Sara Conrad from SarandipitySaves.com shows you that being cheap can be oh-so chic with fortuitous frugal discoveries.I have used these manufacture coupons with both Target and Cub on them at my Rainbow in Forest Lake without any problems and FL is usually very strict on following the coupon policy.Can you use a catalina coupon printed from Cub that is a manufacturer coupon for a free item and use it at Rainbow.

If you think the coupons that you have submitted are right and the cashier is wrong, the store manager is the final authority.By having my other coupons in my hand, I was able to hand a 75 cent coupon over to be the doubler so I did not miss out on my five doublers, or have a 25 cent one be the doubler.I put the items into their own bags to keep them separate, and jot down what the value of each bag is up to.In regard to our policies with different types of coupons please be advised.If the coupon says Do Not Double (or Triple) and the barcode starts with a 9, the register will NOT double it.

THAT means that if you buy two cans of biscuits and hand the cashier a coupon for 40 cents off, you should get the 40 cents off.We asked the cashier at the 2nd register if it was a problem to come through with more than 1 transaction and she was not happy either but allowed it.